The Science

The Science behind it all……


Whilst our main aim is for every raver to have as much fun as possible, Little Ravers was set up with child development in mind. Our raves are designed and ran by qualified teachers including an early years specialist and a fundamental movement coach.  Our events create an enviroment where your child can develop sensory and motor skills.

Benefits of dancing

  • Improves co-ordination

  • Improves gross motor skills

  • Develops movement skills and major muscle groups

  • Promotes psychological health

  • Promotes cognitive development

Our raves involve an exciting mixture of free dancing and dance routines specifically designed to boost development.

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, Type of Music babies like to dance to test.


Benefits of exposure to music

Introducing your child to music is an easy and enjoyable way to interact with your child  and can help set the stage for lifelong musical development. Plus, playing together with music can brighten both your moods, benefit your child’s brain, and boost language skills.

Research into the relationship between music and brain development has shown that early exposure to music increases abilities in many other areas, including maths and language. (Dr. Frances Rauscher). For babies, music has been found to be soothing and to promote health.

Children respond best to certain beats, and our dance tunes are hand-picked to get your little ones (and you) bopping!!

Physical activity

We all know the benefits of physical activity. The NHS recommend that all children should be physically active for at least one hour a day. You can help by encouraging your child to find activities they enjoy, and building physical activity into family life. Baby raves provide the ideal opportunity to turn exercise into a fun, family experience.